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july 28, 2020

an established company, new opportunities

These are formidable times facing our country. With the economic uncertainties of Brexit, EU pressures, political parties at odds,  Covid, bankruptcies and consolidations, job losses and many on furlough, new stamp orders is a hot topic,

There is no doubt that 2020 proved challenging for most people, for Web Sales especially. There are few among us worldwide who can’t say that we, or someone we know, has either lost colleagues, friends, or relatives or changed jobs, or is struggling with the economic and health challengers that the world of Covid has presented.

With 2020 , it’s natural to take stock of the year to date and make plans for the new one to come. When things get difficult, it helps to start counting blessings. Covid restrictions are getting less through everyone is aware of infection bubbles in different parts of the UK which may lead to more lockdowns. In an effort to forge a much brighter and prosperous future for STAMP SALES, we at DCSTAMPS have done just that. And, one of our very first projects to help the optimism along is to reduce costs to our customers through our Bulk Sales of Stamps and Individual Stamps Division.  After a low period when industries were shutting down a glimmer of light has appeared as many industries return; and sales have recently increased

about our bulk sales

DCStamps is an established company linked to its parent organization, the ND Company. Our goal is to reduce costs for large and small companies wishing to purchase bulk quantities of rubber stamps as well as individual ones.. These prices are available to the general public as well as the Trade, Industry, Retail, Government, Agencies and Local Authorities.

summer sale - special offers

Contact Dave direct for special offers on bulk stamps

Postage costs

In the past we've tried to absorb postage costs - and still do for large bulk orders. Unfortunately, for small orders, and for next day delivery, we have been obliged to use Royal Mail rates. These have increased in 2020.

1st Class Post 3.70

Special Delivery by 1p.m. 8.80

Saturday Special Delivery by 1 p.m. -  to be advised

Orders over 100.00 - free 1st Class Post

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